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Hey you guys, today I'm going to write up a sad story (only for me ofcourse but maybe for you guys too idk)

have you been in this situation where you growing up with someone who act like your mother but not your biological mother? I do have. My family and I called her "Bibik" or in Indonesia the meaning of Bibik is aunty but most of the time its usually used to call a maid. 

I've been growing up with bibik since I was born. Well um its been 19 years she's with me. While my parent are busy with their works, bibik usually take place to do all the house works, the babysitter of me and my 4 others siblings. Bibik, who barely meet her own family at Indonesia, has spent most of her time with us. Bibik usually cooked for us in breakfast, lunch and dinner. I can literally said I grew up with bibik's food ofcourse. Not that I say that my Mom doesn't cook. She does, but sometimes. And that sometimes, is always the bestest! Just most of the time, bibik's food can't compare to any other restaurant out there. 

she take care 5 of us most of the time like her own children. She always nagging about little things. She get mad when something is wrong in the house. She teaches us in any other way even she doesn't graduate from her highschool. She is the one who actually sometimes send me & my little sister to the kindergarten nor primary school by just walking or using taxi. Her sacrifices are endlessly I could write a long text about her from my childhood until my adolescence. 

I remember how everytime she is going back to her country , we all will cry out loud but it was just a moment. because we know, she will come back. But now, after almost 10 years she didn't go back to her hometown, now today, is the day she went back to her country. I tried not to feel sad nor crying. But I can't lied myself for being too attached to her. even in my college life, I usually get a call from her that asking me how was I doing, haven't I eat? when will I'm going back to KL? (bcs I pursued my studies in Melaka) its sadden me so much to think back that she wont do that after this. It might be hard for her to connected with us in Malaysia. Yes, I know we are in this technologies era, but that doesn't mean a thing if bibik wouldn't know how to use most of the technologies nowadays accept the smartphone she had back then in Malaysia.

In this post, I don't mean to dismiss my parents. But let me just take a moment to appreciate my bibik because she is the only person on earth who has spent the whole time with me n my family for almost over 30 years working with us. 

Bibik, i wish you to read this, but I know you wont. please take care of your health, and I pray to Allah that you and the entire family in good condition and your life will be sustenance with His blessing. I'm so going to miss you. your nags, your foods, your calls and all those little things. Im gonna miss you so so bad. Thank you bik, for sacrifices all your energy toward us. The useless one. I had a good memories with you and I hope He protect you wherever you are. I know I don't usually say this to yo, but I Love You So Much bibik. you are my second mother who I grateful for. after my parents, it comes you who had the special place in my heart forever. 

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