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Assalamualaikum! Annyeong!
So as you guys can tell from the title and the greeting, again, I am going to talk about Kdrama obsession as promised in my last post.

Well , today I have a little bit update for you guys.
I've just watched 2 new Kdrama. As usual, I will do a rating and a little review on the drama okay?

First thing first, I just watched this Kdrama called The Heirs.
Overall, I rated this drama 7/10 :)

This drama is kind of typically about a relationship between rich n poor hero and heroin and instead it is about school love story. I've done some research that this drama has another title which is The Inheritors. I would be so glad if you guys watched it too cause Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye are such a good combination in this drama. 

The chemistry that they had bring so much love and that is why I liked it! 

I also just knew that Ji Won (who played a role as Yoon Myong Joo in DOTS drama) also in this drama. The way she played as a bad girl in the drama are so realistic! she look so cute when having a long hair but I still prefer she in the not-short hair in DOTS.

and one more thing that I cannot resist from the beginning of the drama is Kim Woo Bin. 

He has that crazy eyebrow that I die for. He is so legit to have that intimidating look so natural!and ofcourse I am so jealous at the fact that his eyebrow is naturally on point. HOW ON FREAKING EARTH HE HAS THAT EYEBROW -______-

LOL but overall the drama is so good! I would love to recommend to you guys. if you want to watch it online you can click here ---> THE HEIRS 

Other than The Heirs drama, I also have watched Kill Me Heal Me.
I just done watching all the episode in 20 minutes ago which is now I am so excited to write about it!
so I literally rated this drama 9/10 !!

AHHH no words could I describe.
The hero & Heroin are 100% worth of combination!
This drama is totally different from what I was expected.

It is literally about psycho kind of drama which I prefer it so much since my ambition is to be Psychologist/Psychiatric as in the movie where the heroin, Hwang Jung Eum played. Btw, the heroin has a brother in this drama, and the way her brother played a role as "a protective brother" made me so touched. It keep remind me of my own brother and I MISS HIM NOW *bawling*

I can say I learned a lot in this drama like , A LOT. Because the hero, Ji Sung has D.I.D (multiple personality disorder) and it is amazing how Ji Sung can do so many character/personalities in the drama since he has to played as D.I.D patient.

well, if you guys don't believe in me, I will show you guys the first personalities he has is him self, as Cha Do Hyun like in the poster that I put just now (he is the guy on the right)

and the other one is The monster of himself

Shin Se Gi (yeah, I know so hot and so seductive look he has huh?) 

The one who always try to kill himself.

Ahn Yo Sob. (I love that nerd look tho)

The on with crazy personalities or I can say the coolest one and the eldest personality he has.

Perry Park.

the so that gurl-gurl-obsessed-to-guy personalities

Ahn Yo Na (Ahn Yo Sob twinnies) I tell yall, when everytime this character went out, yall will laugh like crazy. SO FUNNY, I CAN'T HANDLE IT!!

The youngest one

Na Na

and the last one is the father of Na Na personality.

Mr. X. He has that crazy big hat, and dress that actually make me laugh but, seriously, all the personalities he has make me laugh sometimes. Feel to watch it more n more!

I am not going to go deep into this drama, cause I wanted to yall watched it and have that feels of excitement as I feel!
All the plot twist had me crazy and want to see more about them. I am glad that I can learn a bit about D.I.D , a little bit about bipolar, and schizophrenia (even tho I've learnt all this disorder in my past sem subject but still, somehow I want to see this kind of disorders to be in a love-drama and it is accomplished!) I love it so much how Ji Sung can played all this character so freaking good and well. *big applause for him tho* please please please watch this drama already! you wont be regret! 
btw, the OST of the drama are damn good too!!! I keep on repeating to the song until now hewhew n_nV

Thanks to Hasya for recommending this drama to me, you really does not disspointed me sya, you already fill up all my remnants holiday!! I HATE U BUT I LOVE YOUUUUU <3

Oh before I forgot, if you want to watch it online, you guys can click it here okay? ----> Kill Me Heal Me

Alrightyyy that is all from me, and I will make more review if I watch a new Kdrama okay? Thanks for the read! Saranghae :)


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